Whats about Zen?

apesThe word "zen" is a Japanese way of pronouncing "chan", which is the Chinese way of pronouncing the Indian Sanskrit "dhyana" , meaning meditation, the state of emptiness.

Emptyness is the basis of zen itself – that all life and existence is based on a kind of dynamic emptiness. Yes its the key of life and death. In fact there is no difference between both phenomena. Neither Buddha nor his zen followers had time for any notion of an afterlife. So don’t waste your time. 
Through zazen (meditation) we meet the awakened state of our mind. That means that we don’t have to change “who we are”. The purpose of our zazen meditation is not to became a student of an other culture or to discover someone else wisdom. We are not practising the japanese or tibetan zen buddhism eather. Remember what Rumi (Sufi master) says:
“ let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hunderd of ways to kneel and kiss the ground”. Our purpose is to discover who we truly are, to connect with our own wisdom. 
Be always aware in zenmeditation! Challenge yourself on time while doing zazen. This is to understand the buddha nature.