The costs include accommodation, all meals, retreat quidance. Day of arrival start before dinner; lastday departure after breakfast. There are activities on the day of arrival and on the day of departure. Seats are limited as we take only small groups for retreat programs.
Guests are free to choose to follow the full program or skip some activities.

Intensive Silent Zen Retreat (sesshin)

4 – 8 may 2016 (4 nights, 5 days)
Costs: 2950 kr (about € 315) based on Twin sharing accommodation

This silent retreat is characterized by silence and deep introspection, and recommended to anyone who is interested in experiencing intensive Zen training. During this Zen Sesshin we try to touch the Buddha mind: to become intimate with your true self. Experience the tremendous strength of people practicing together and experience the deep stillness that lies within each one of us. 

See special remarks and dayschedule

Empty Mind Retreat

29 juni – 3 july 2016 and 4– 8 august 2016 (4 nights, 5 days))
Costs: 3975 kr (about € 430) based on twin sharing accommodation, additional 600 kr for singleroom

Relaxation according to a day rhythm with mental and fysical care are the keywords of this retreat. This retreat with meditation and yoga, will bring you back full of energy to your daily life. It consists of a certain amount of fixed components and optional activities which will give you the possibiliy to make your own program thats result in a fine personal satisfaction of your retreat. 

See special remarks and dayschedule

Silent Meditation Retreat

7 – 12 july 2016 and 11-16 august 2016 (5 nights, 6 days))
Costs: 4750 kr (about € 510) based on twin sharing accommodation, additional 750 kr for singleroom

The acceptence of silence is a very powerful way to support the deepening of calmness and awareness in our life. Silence fosters a sense of safety and refuge. Through letting go of the familiar world of our daily life is a gift we give ourselves to see our mind and its activity more clearly. This special silent meditation retreat show you on very different ways the power of meditation and silence.
See special remarks and dayschedule

Zen-Mindfull Hiking Retreat

14 – 20 july 2016 (6 nights, 7 days))
Costs: 5750 kr (about € 619) based on twin sharing accommodation; additional 900 kr for singleroom

During this retreat we will spend time learning anew how to see, hear to be completely present in the moment itself. We listen deeply to the silence of nature and investigate our activity, zen practice in the wilderness. Our hiking will be alternate by outdoor meditation. In the morning and evening we meditate inside the meditation hall.
See special remarks and dayschedule

Silence in Zen & Sjamanism

24 – 30/31 august 2016 (4 nights, 5 days)
Costs: 4525 kr (about € 485) based on twin sharing accommodation. Additional Vision Quest: 2975 kr

In many traditions silence is the mystery of renewal and opportunity to start new things. We will use the wonderfull knowledge and instruments of Sjamanism and Zen Buddhism together, because of the similarities. Silent zenmeditation days will initiate the sweatlodge ceremony and optional the vision quest. Andres King Cobos from Mexico (Lakota tradition, official sundanser) will led us by the sjamanistic part.
See special remarks and dayschedule

New Years Retreat with Meditation and Yoga

28 december  2016 – 3 january 2017 (6 nights, 7 days)
Costs: 5650 kr (about € 595) based on twin sharing accommodation; additional 900 kr for singleroom

Be with New Year's Eve on the serene place of Rödjorna at National Park Tiveden and experience inner calmness. Do zenmeditation in the silence of the real Swedish Winter to understand your inner silence. Body and mind become relaxed and you will take home new tools to create peace and happiness in your everyday life. We stay in silence till 1th of january. 
The playful and beautiful Vinyasa Yoga days will give you refreshment and energy in starting the New Year. Vinyasa means to synchronize movement with breath. And flow means the connection between each posture is flowing like a meditative dance.
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